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"OMG these pickles are amazing!"
~ Mike M.

"Friday 6/29 WSJ had front page article called Pickle Juice Drinkers Go Public. Always think of Brother Floyd's when pickles are the topic!"
~ Greg R.

"Have a good buddy from Shrevesport La. who always brings L*** Pickles to hunting camp. He won't stop talking about his pickles. Just sent him a case of Brother Floyd's! Sure he will change his tune. Your pickles are absolutely amazing. Your pickles are full of character. Your pickles make people smile. Will be sure to give you his review."
~ Greg R.

"Bought a jar last weekend. Absolutely some of the BEST pickles ever!!"
~ Richard D.

"Love these pickles , can't find them in Albuquerque, worth ordering them !!"
~ Debra G.

"We bought a jar at the Gettysburg Wine Festival and everyone that has tried them love them. I would like to get a couple more jars but not sure when I will be getting back to Pennsylvania."
~ Mark P.

"I absolutely love these pickles! They truly are amazing! They go on all my sammiches!"
~ Christy K.

"These are the BEST pickles I've ever had! I tasted them at the national apple festival in Biglerville PA."
~ Sherri N.

"I normally am not a pickle person, but I sneak one of these every time I open the fridge! Gave a jar as a gift to my parents and they love them too!!!"
~ Lisa F.

"Love their spicy pickles. Picked some up on vacation in Gettysburg and loved them!"
~ Gail F.

"Oooohhhhh myyyy! I live in Springfield Missouri and I'm ready to buy a case! Best I have ever tasted!"
~ Kathy B.

"I met Missy this weekend at an event in Gratz, tried and loved the pickles, brought some home for my husband and he is your biggest fan! Even got mentions/plugs this week on WHP580 AM!"
~ Missy M

"Floyd...your hot pickles as the bomb-diggity!!!! We bought a jar at The Butcher Shoppe last weekend & my husband & I are hooked!!! DELICIOUS!!!"
~ Kim M.

"Every time we go home we stop at Browns orchards for treats and sweets and about 4 jars of pickles. Absolutely the greatest pickles ever. Next time I may just buy a case so I know the kids won't eat them all."
~ Chris R.

"These pickles are amazing. I love the flavor. We bought two jars at the farm show and they barely made it through the weekend."
~ Michelle Y.

"I bought two jars on Sunday at Brown's and they are all gone!!!! Which is a tragedy - because they are literally the BEST pickles I've ever had! I will be buying more this week and will even be shipping some to a client in Texas! Seriously DELICIOUS!!!!!!"
~ Shannon D.

"These are by far the BEST pickles I've ever had. Just the right amount of spice and sweet. Can't get enough. I ended up getting my dad hooked, too. They are just sooooo good!!"
~ Michelle E.

"These are the best pickles I've ever ever had. I serious was upset when I came home and found that my 15 year old ate almost all of them!! I was afraid I'd never find these delicious sweet spicy things again, but thank goodness there's a FB page and I can get more :D"
~ Alyce K.




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